4 Things You Can Learn From The Top UFC Champions


The popularity of UFC is at an all-time high. People of all backgrounds can appreciate the athleticism and fighting that is showcased. You may be a fan, and you may think that there is greatness showcased in the octagon, and that’s fine. However, you will be losing sight of the bigger picture if you just take away from the events a sense of entertainment. There is something greater showcased within the world of martial arts when you see MMA in action or on television. You will find that there is a mutual respect, and a discipline found in all the fighters. It’s with that in mind, that the following 4 things have been derived in regards to how you can use their example to benefit your personal training regimen.

Focus on Balance

The top champions in the world of MMA have a certain degree of balance. Some think that you either have it or you don’t, but that’s not true. It’s honed and focused on in training. Whether you take up surfing, skateboarding, or you stand on one leg and stretch, you need to hone your balance. Balance training will help you gain power in reflexes and movements when you need to react in a millisecond. Balance is essential to all martial arts.

Have A Strong Work Ethic

Whether you want to be a fighter or you want to get the most out of your discipline, you need to have a serious work ethic. For those that have busy lives, there should be no less than 30 minutes of time in your day dedicated to training. This of course assumes that you have a wife, kids, job, and other responsibilities. Learn how to divide 24 hours, write it down and do not skip training. 30 minutes is a small amount of time, but this is making a blanket statement. Work ethic matters.

Mix Up Training

In order to go through all the rounds at full speed, you need to have incredible stamina. Stamina is built through excellent cardiovascular training. That means that you will need to run, jump, or do something that builds your cardiovascular system as a whole. Mix up your training between strikes, kicks, and ground work to include attention to cardiovascular workouts. Even if you’re limited on time, find a way to carve out some time for this, and look up HIIT.

Never Stop Learning

Perhaps the best example of lifelong learning is Georges St-Pierre. This champion of UFC has been noted as continually pushing the need to learn more, train, and respect the martial arts as more than just for fighting. There is a spiritual side of things that he exhibits and many commentators have discussed. If you want to really master any art form, whether your goal is to join MMA circuits or not, you need to have a mind of continual learning, it’s the one key that will guarantee success in all aspects of life.

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