A Move to 145 lbs for Frankie Edgar


Frankie Edgar lost to Benson Henderson last Saturday at UFC 150 after a very controversial split decision match. His loss added to the possibility that he should drop a weight class which was a decision that Edgar has been considering for quite a time now.

Edgar was interviewed by Sherdog Radio Network’s “It’s Time” Show with Bruce Buffer and he commented: “I’m going to give myself a week to kind of just let all the emotions go away, just relax and enjoy my family and then sit down probably Sunday with my team and everyone else and just start bouncing some ideas around.” He added: “Forty-five is a possibility. Fifty-five. I have been so successful and I would love to get a shot at the 155 –pound belt again. Who knows? The 145 – pound belt is definitely a prestigious belt to go after, especially with Jose Aldo at the helm of it all, but I’ve just got to really sit down and just discuss it with my team and my family and just make the right decision for myself.”

Edgar has been an impressive fighter even though he is not one of the biggest lightweight in his class. He has beaten B.J.  Penn twice and knocked out Gray Maynard as well. These are possibly some reasons why some say that he deserved the decision over the fight with Henderson last Saturday.

A move to 145 pounds is a possibility and is not a difficult thing to achieve, Edgar also said. “I don’t think I have to tweak much. I’d probably would clean my diet maybe some. I like to eat fairly clean and I’m not a huge eater so I would not have to change too, too much. But I’ll be honest: I think a lot of 145 –pounds are probably bigger than me down at that weight class anyway. They probably walk around heavier than I do. I don’t think making the weight would be too much of a problem.

Edgar is also open to the possibilities of problems that he may encounter in fighting in a new weight division. After all, he has had fought rematches before. He has fought Penn twice, twice for Henderson as well. He has even fought Maynard three times. Overall, it was only Henderson he could not beat. “You would love another chance at it, but down the line, you never know what could happen.”