A Winning Streak for Lopez Versus Ortiz Via Knockout

A Winning Streak for Lopez Versus Ortiz Via Knockout

A Winning Streak for Lopez Versus Ortiz Via KnockoutThe fight between Victor Ortiz and Josesito Lopez decided it all. During the 9th round at the Staples center fight. Afterwards, Ortiz complained a broken jaw done by Lopez. This prompted Ortiz team to discontinue and succumb to Lopez being the winner. Nonetheless, before the fight, Ortiz already had plans to have a fight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez at the start of the 4th quarter this year.  The fight date and venue was already set for WBC super welterweight title. Nonetheless, his defeat came with a knockout loss.

Now that defeat came to Ortiz, the fight would certainly come to Lopez to fight Canelo at the ringside. Ortiz was also defeated by Floyd Mayweather last September 2011 during a knockout in 4th round. Ortiz had declared that he would not fight since his jaw was severely injured during the fight with Lopez. No medical confirmation had confirmed the broken jaw of Ortiz. Nonetheless, he was stunned after the ninth round when Lopez’s left hand hit his jaw.

Even though Ortiz had more punches than Lopez with a 147–122 margin, he was also willing to exchange good shots with the opponent. The 10th ring of the bell was the signal to go and get ready but the referee already signaled the fight was over.

The fight wasn’t for Ortiz but for Andre Berto versus Lopez. However, the fight was given to Ortiz, as Berto tested for steroids and came out positive. After this result, it became a rematch for Ortiz and Lopez of their April 2011 fight under a unanimous decision. Nonethess, Ortiz was reminded for hitting Lopez at the nape during fifth round. This has made Lopez dizzy and needed a minute or two to refocus. Nonetheless, Lopez finished the boxing fight.

In the end, Lopez won the fight via knockout and announced Ortiz to be Alvarez’s next challenger.