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Adrian Johnston

I have been following MMA since UFC 1 back in college when there were very few rules. I love how the sport as evolved from a few crazy fans to millions worldwide. Being a fan since day one provides me a unique perspective from following the sport for over two decades.

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Contributing MMA Writers

Nichole Freshna

My name is Nichole Freshna and I am a High School English teacher by day, MMA junkie by night. A Jersey native, I graduated college from Rutgers University where I received a bachelor’s degree in English. After a couple years of being an Editor for miscellaneous Medical Journals, I decided to change my career and teach English. My passion for MMA started a few years back when I saw my first PPV – UFC 56 featuring Rich Franklin and Nate Quarry. I have been hooked ever since. Though my viewing habits are very much geared toward the UFC, I am looking forward to broadening my horizons and getting into all the new up and coming organizations and watching them grow with the popularity of the sport. My top 5 favorite fighters are GSP, Cro Cop, Matt Hughes, Rich Franklin and Keith Jardine.

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