Abu Dhabi Combat Club’s (ADCC) World Championship Preview

Abu Dhabi Combat Club's (ADCC) World Championship Preview

Abu Dhabi Combat Clubâ“‚¬“„¢s (ADCC) World Championship Preview

May 4th, 5th and 6th, 2007
Sovereign Bank Arena
Trenton, New Jersey

The ADCC World Championships is the Super Bowl of submission grappling. With the success of the UFC, new fans are now demanding coverage of the ADCC and other core MMA promotions. Top UFC Fighters have competed and won this prestigious tournament. This year we will see Gabriel Gonzaga, Dean Lister, Marcio â“‚¬Å“Pe De Panoâ“‚¬Â Cruz, Jeff Monson, Drew Fickett, Kurt Pellegrino, Joe Stevenson, and Elvis Sinosic.

This years Super Fight is between the (Champion) Dean Lister vs. (Challenger) Roger Gracie, but Lister had to withdraw due to a torn bicep. Jon Olav Einemo has stepped in to take Listers place, Einemo is the only fighter to defeat Roger Gracie since 2002. Being a ADCC Champion gives a fighter a very respected title, especially among the BJJ community. The ultimate respect is given to fighters that win the Absolute Tournament. This is an all weight class open tournament in which you will see heavyweights take on lightweights and more.


The Abu Dhabi Combat Club(ADCC) World Championships was started by Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nayan, son of Sheik Zayed, former president of the United Arab Emirates, on suggestion of Renzo and Royler Gracie. This grappling tournament is widely considered to be the peak tournament in the submission grappling world.[citation needed] Significant prize money is awarded to winners, and athletes who have been successful at the highest levels of competition in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and mixed martial arts regularly participate. – wiki

Weight Classes

65 Kg and Under (Lightweight) (144 pound and under)
66 Kg to 76 Kg (Welterweight) (167 and under)
77 Kg to 87 Kg (Cruiserweight) (192 and under)
88 Kg to 98 Kg (Light-Heavyweight) (216 and under)
99 Kg and over (Heavyweight) (Over 217)
Absolute Class (Any weight class)