Adriano Martins Picked Strikeforce over UFC 155

adriano martins

Just fresh from his amazing run in Brazil, Adriano Martins only has one loss in his last 11 fights. This was a great score card that made him capture the Jungle Fight lightweight title. His last fight in March, he defeated Jimmy Donahue in a matter of 62 seconds. This win gave the fighter hope that that he will soon fight abroad again.

Last Thursday, Martins managers Alex Davis and Samir Nadaf confirmed to that the fighter has signed to compete at the Strikeforce lightweight division. Martins is also rumored to fight abroad on September 29 as he faces Greg Jackson product Isaac Vallie-Flagg in Sacramento, California, USA. This is an account of Martins’ exclusive interview with The 30 year old fighter from Manaus, Amazonas has made comment on his new home for the 155 pound division, his training and why he chose Strikeforce over crowd drawer UFC.

On his comment on once again fighting abroad in an event like Strikeforce, the fighter commented: “I had fought in Dream and now I’m in Strikeforce—for me that’s already a landmark. I will represent Manaus in an event like this. It’s a long process; it’s been ten years already. This is a new stage of my life and I embrace the opportunity.”
When he was asked if he is still under contract with Jungle Fight, Martins said: “No, that ended in March. I won the belt, defended against Jimmy Donahue and I would have defended against Neilson Gomes, but now I’m contracted with Strikeforce.” He adds that he is very grateful to Jungle Fight that gave him so many opportunities to improve his talent.
Regarding his training, he mentions that it will be at Top Life in Amazonas. “Professor Valdecir Silva of the Brazilian national team will be the wrestling coach. Boxing will be with Erminio and Cassio. Jiu-jitsu will be at the gym with my students. The MMA part will be with Cardoso, a guy who has trained me for a while. We’ll also bring in Moacir from Porto Alegre to train kickboxing.”

He further commented on working to be number one in the lightweight division where Gilbert Melendez is the champion. He also adds that surely the eyes of UFC will be on him even when he competes under Strikeforce: “That’s why we have to work hard there, because I want the best and everyone knows that the UFC is the best. It’s a dream and I will fight for it.”