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154 Comments on "Affliction 3 “Fedor vs Barnett” Fight Poster"

  1. Cobra Clutch

    Can we all agree to at least not put different names in? This is really stupid at this point. Let me end by just addressing the idea that the UFC is a "failure" because of Dana…that's absurd. The UFC keeps growing and is seen by many outside of the MMA world as the "major leagues." I tell people that I love MMA and practice it, and people are like "what's that?" Then I ask "Have you heard of the UFC?" and they say yeah. Then I tell them that's what it is. Most of them then say "Why didn't you just say that?" hahaha. So, if non-fans know UFC before MMA, and the pay per view sales keep breaking records, and Spike's UFC specials continue to get higher ratings than baseball's World Series……the UFC is FAR from a "failure."

  2. dane drebin

    im gunna recap my thought too cuz this forum is getting rediculous

    1. anyone who think the ufc is a failure because of dana are out of their mind. the ufc is growing at a wild rate its obviously not failing. could it be doing better with a less contraversial character? maybe but who knows

    2. fedor is the number one heavyweight and IMO the best p4p right now

    3. people who sign an on other posters names to make them say things they dont wanna say are annoying. whats the point?

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