Affliction: Banned “Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia”


affliction banned results


July 19, 2008


Honda Center in Anaheim, California



main card

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia
Andrei Arlovski vs. Ben Rothwell
Josh Barnett vs. Pedro Rizzo
Renato “Babalu” Sobral vs. Mike Whitehead
Matt Lindland vs. Fabio Nascimento
Edwin Dewees vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
JJ Ambrose vs. Mike Pyle
Ray Lazama vs. Justin Levens

preliminary card

Paul Buentello vs. Gary Goodridge
Vitor Belfort vs. Terry Martin
Mark Hominick vs. Savant Young

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Interview with Fedor Emelianenko
Josh Barnett Interview
Countdown to Affliction Banned
Affliction Promoter Tom Atencio Interview

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36 Comments on "Affliction: Banned “Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia”"

  1. big

    There was no-way Tito lost that fight in UFC 84. This just proves that the UfC FIX's its fight's. Just like the Hammil Bisping fight.

  2. ironshadow

    This is the best fight night I have ever seen. It is funny how the UFC is proving itself to be a joke. Dana White is becoming a Don King. You cannot have one person running the show, you need a board, and a biased organization.

  3. Lono

    big what are you talking about. Tito did not press action enough and when he did Machida stuck to his game plan executed really well. Tito could not take him down and when he did Machida controlled and got back up. But for the Hammil and Bisping fight that was all bullshit. But i still dont believe UFC fixes fights.

  4. sy

    i agree with lono there is no way tito even came close to a win or a draw he lost plain and simple. and about the bisping hammil fight it happens thats fighting there will always be bad decisions, like bisping rashard granted it was a close fight and just my oppinion but i think bisping should have got the decision if not a draw. anyways i do believe tim sylvia is gonna have his arse handed to him by fedor due to the fact i dont think sylvia is a smart enough fighter, 3rd round submission.

  5. Ryan S

    I agree, this card does look great and I think I'll be watching this and not UFC. I really hope to see sylvia put on his ass. I hope it's not like his monson fight though. Although I do think Fedor is a lot better than monson. I didn't even realize Vitor was still fighting. It should be a good fight, but if he still has his speed, I don't think terry martin will be able to keep up.

  6. kenny

    Belfort is a dawg and he can still compete with the best of them.I feel as if the undercard is better than the shitty ass ufc85. This tops any UFC in history as far as talent goes.

  7. steve

    just saw that big said there is no way tito lost that fight at UFC 84. Wow he must have only watched the last 15 seconds lol. B/C TITO did NOTHING the whole other 14 minutes and 45 seconds lol.

  8. steve

    Like on the Rampage Forrest fight where i believe u said rampage would finish him and be too much for him like everyone elsesaid. But I said it would be a war. And it was.

  9. sy

    actualy steve i said that if rampage didnt ko forrest and it went to desicion that forrest would win, if u read the comments. so i guess i was right aswell.

  10. Although I'm a huge UFC fan, I have to admit UFC 85 and 86 (with the exeption of the Forrest Rampage fight)were the most boring PPVs I've seen in a long time. The UFC was on a roll for a while (PPVs 75-84), I guess every company hits a slump every once and a while.

  11. steve

    Its not Rodrigo thats wrong it is his lil brother AkA Lil Nog.Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Edwin Deweese and yeah it should be Nog all the way. Rodrigo is the UFC HW Champ.

  12. drew

    I just read " This tops any UFC in history as far as talent goes." da, about half of these fighters have been on ufc cards and as much as i like tim sylvia shouldn't Fedor be fighting Nogueira?

  13. T.J.

    Every one you must admitt this is the best fight card out there hands down , lacking a couple of great fighters That dana white is still screwing over. forest vs griffen 15-4-0 what the fuck ? He looses four fights and he gets a shot at the ufc title. What about Rashad Evans 16-0-1 and he has to fight a beat up chuck Liddell Bull shit M-1 needs to give up comming young fighters a chance kina like the ultimat fighter and get a way from danas greed.

  14. skindawg

    I'm not sure what some of you folks are watching, but Tito needs to retire!! I'm tired of watching him get his ass kicked!! This fight proves another point, which Tim Sylvia will show up? Sylvia can kick some ass, but he's also proven he can fight like a 3rd grader also. Fedor still has to prove himself in the UFC, and I'm not sure this is the fight he should have taken. Think about Rashad Evans?

  15. T.J.

    I hope that skinhog fella can count, He's going to need to know how many teeth He needs fixed after I loosen them for him. PUNK!!

  16. skindawg

    Skinflute! I guess you forgot who you were talking to BJ! O shit, it's TJ the wonder mouth!!! Your the swallow of the month!!! Its pretty funny on how you know alot about that skinflute. When we started talking about fights. The only fight that you know how to do is fight from the blankets,when you are getting a dutch oven.

  17. T.J.

    Its cool i was really thinking the same thing why don't we get off this site and go to and we can chat there maybe meet somewhere and take car of this.

  18. Ted Hack

    I'm sorry, but I must have stumbled upon a MMA discussion forum for "special" people. I have to say though you are all acting like a bunch poop heads

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