Alistair Overeem and Dana White in Speaking Terms Again


Alistair Overeem has his career on the palm of his hands. He was a former Strikeforce, DREAM and K-1 champion and according to Frank Mir, former UFC champion, is the rightful number one fighter and contender ever.

However, all good things had to end with Alistair Overeem as he failed a drug test that was administered to him before a major fight. He lost his fight, he lost his career and most of all, he lost the faith of UFC President Dana White.

But according to the UFC President, he and Alistair are on speaking terms once more as more than a few short months ago, he would not even speak of the fighter. At a recent press conference for UFC 148, he confirmed that they were back on speaking terms after a short meeting last June.

Dana White recalls: “He went downstairs and waited for forty minutes until I called him upstairs, and then he came into mu office like a man. Nothing but respect for Alistair now.” He further added that we all make mistakes and it does not matter anymore since what counts are the things that we do after to make amends. “Its how you handle yourself after. He handled himself like a f___ing stud.”

Although Dana White never mentioned what they talked about when they met but he appeared to be happy speaking with the fighter once more. Overeem is still under suspension for 9 months and he would be allowed to fight again on December according to NSAC.

Overeem has an impressive fight card with 34 wins, 11 losses and 0 draws on the “Demolition Man’s” record. He had a 10 fight winning streak over the most amazing fighters the league has ever known and truly he would be a great humbled fighter in the future.