Alistair Overeem Releases Statement Confirming He Will Not Be Disclosing Golden Glory Troubles


Through his lawyers, Alistair Overeem announces that he will not be airing the beef between himself and his former team Golden Glory and wished them the best as he sues there gym doors off.

First, Alistair believes that the split between himself and Golden Glory should be kept between the parties. Although he has been tempted to expose ongoing problems with Golden Glory’s business, its poor relationship with some of its remaining fighters, and the deep betrayal he has experienced in recent years, he has chosen not to air the specifics of those facts. Second, Alistair was singularly focused on his fight with Brock Lesnar. Third, Alistair does not want to disrupt Golden Glory’s ongoing business operations. Fourth, Alistair believes that commenting on the litigation lacks professionalism. Golden Glory continues to take action by press release, through public comment and in the litigation in an apparent attempt to derail Alistair’s career. Now that Alistair has defeated Brock Lesnar, he feels compelled to speak up.

Overeem filed suit after years of “deep betrayal” prior to his UFC 141 fight. Knock Out Investments (KOI) and Golden Glory have filed a counter suit calming he owes them money after cutting and running to the UFC to fight Brock Lesnar.

Mo Money Mo Problems…