Alleged Wife Beater Brett Rogers Wants The UFC To Call Him Back


Former Strikeforce heavyweight Brett Rogers is facing charges of domestic violence against his wife, but right now Rogers is focused on his fighting career.

“Don’t believe everything you read. For me to do something (violent), you have to do something to me first. I’m fighting for my family — to put food in the family. Every second I’m fighting, I’m thinking about my family and how I can better their lives. Everything got blown out of proportion … It’s over and done with. My attorney is taking care of business and making sure things are straight and that I’m home where I need to be so I can provide.” [FCFighter]

After being dropped by Strikeforce, Rogers just wants Dana White to give him some respect and pick up the phone.

“They could have given me a little more respect … I got out of jail and tried calling them, but no one picked up the phone or returned my calls. I felt like people were just avoiding me, so I gave up. Dana White needs to man up and pick up a phone.”

“UFC isn’t the only thing out there. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fight out East in Asia … I’m hoping something like that can happen down the line. I’m going to keep my options open.”

Rogers faces former UFC fighter Eddie Sanchez on September 23rd in Titan Fighting Championships.