Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen Face Off at UFC 117 Presser


OK they didn’t actually face off, Anderson resorted to one word answers and refused to even acknowledge Sonnen.

“Chael feels like he has to promote the fight. It’s not the same way that I choose to promote the fight. I’m here doing my job training for August 7. I feel like what I’ve done in the past promotes the fight enough.”

Chael Sonnen continued his quest to get under the champions skin,

“He couldn’t be any more wrong. Does he know anything about the business? People don’t just want to watch people fight, they want to know why they are fighting. He thinks he’s taking the high road. He is so clueless it’s not even funny. The guy is a dummy. I can’t wait to kick his ass.”

If Sonnen can’t take Anderson down on Aug. 7th, he might be in for a world of hurt courtesy of the Spider.