Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen’s Partnership to Fame

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen’s Partnership to Fame

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen’s Partnership to FameThe first fight that Anderson Silva had with Chael Sonnen was in August 2010 where they both tested their skills and talents as gifted UFC fighters. After 2 years from their first fight, they again had a rivalry last July 7, Saturday at MGM Grand Arena. Before they even had a rematch, Sonnen was already busy developing his professional wrestling routine. Silva, on the other hand, was concentrating on his next opponent’s fighting skills.

Great Scene at UFC 148

They really did a ravishing fight and through this, both fighters have generated interest in marking another history in UFC. All was ended by Silva who restored his championship by having Sonnen suffer a technical knockout during the second round. This was unexpected by many viewers, as they were anticipating five rounds before the fight would end. Even Dana White, UFC President, agrees that this fight was the biggest that they have accomplished so far. Thanks to this fight, both MMA fighters were able to establish their fame even outside the arena. Silva became more famous because he was tested physically and mentally by Sonnen. Through their match, Silva’s reputation against Thales Leites and Maia were forgotten by fans. Sonnen even gained his fame being world’s second middleweight champion.

The Aftermath

Even though the results have gained too much fame for Silva and Sonnen, this would mean a difficult effort in finding Silva’s next opponent. People were really expecting for a trilogy but Sonnen had two consecutive losses from Silva. There is actually no problem with the fighting skills of the next matches for Silva: Mark Munoz, Michael Bisping, Rashad Evans, Chris Weidman, or Hector Lombard. What is really troubling is finding the match that will be able to deliver what Sonnen did. Probably, another match would come for Sonnen if Silva is not anymore the reigning middleweight champion.