Anderson Silva Disappointed With His Performance, Wants In At UFC 91


Devastated by the criticism of his performance at UFC 90 “Silva vs. Cote”, UFC middleweight champion has asked the UFC to put him on the fight card at UFC 91, just three weeks later. In an interview with the Las Vegas Review, UFC President Dana White expresses a glimpse of hope that it could happen.

Dana White:

“it might not be impossible.”

“He’s flipping out. He wants to fight again, like, on Nov. 15 … He’s (upset) about his performance and he wants to fight again immediately.”

Silva expresses his frustration:

“I didn’t come here to play. I didn’t come here to put on a show … I came here to do my job and I didn’t become a champion and defend the title as many times as I have by not doing my job.”

While it could be a possibility, the article points out that it might be next to impossible to find a suitable opponent to fight Silva on just two and a half weeks notice.