Anderson Silva on the First Round Finish to UFC 148 versus Chael Sonnen


Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen

So what does Anderson Silva has to say about Chael Sonnen? It was in a media conference for Silva and Sonnen’s rematch at UFC 148 that the fighter mentioned that he would cause his opponent serious bodily harm. He further predicted that Sonnen would leave the Octagon ring with broken limbs (arms and legs) and broken teeth.
Anderson Silva was usually reserved when it comes to comments and reactions but this UFC middleweight champion was quick to answer what his pre-fight prediction was. He was heard saying; “I believe it’s going to end in the first round.” At the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Silva quickly added more comments saying: “I’m going to hit him, and then I’m going to hit him some more. Then I’m going to hit him even more. Then he’s going to grab on to me, and I’m going to keep hitting him until he gives up.”

It was two years ago since Silva fought Sonnen at UFC 117 and the fight was regarded as one of the greatest comebacks in the history of UFC. Sonnen had the upper hand that day which resulted in cracking Silva with a straight left and pinning him to the canvass. But the Brazilian was quick to defend himself with a triangle choke than managed to end the bout for Sonnen in just less than two minutes remaining in the match.

Sonnen has been known to cause trouble with a felony conviction to his name. There has been bad blood between the two fighters and Sonnen’s pre-fight talk has been nothing but trash talk and a distasteful self promotion for Silva. The UFC champion however was determined to respect his opponent and play the game saying: “I’m going to respect him, because that’s how I was raised, and I was trained to think that way. “