Anderson Silva’s Manger Wants Chael Sonnen To Fight Demian Maia For Title Shot

Anderson Ed soares

Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares disagrees with the UFC decision to give Chael Sonnen the next shot at the middleweight title and calls for Sonnen to first get past fellow Brazilian Demian Maia.

“We are fine if this is what the UFC wants, but if you look at this logistically, Sonnen should fight Demian Maia first. Demian beat up easily, by submission, so why not make them fight first, to determine who gets a shot at the title?” [SportNet]

Soares has also had enough with Chael Sonnen’s recent interviews, in which he has been calling out Anderson.

“It’s funny, but really, who actually listens to what Chael Sonnen has to say? The only time people listen is when he talks about Anderson. Who is he, really? If you walk down the street and you mention his name, does anyone really know who this guy is? Likely not, but if you mention Anderson Silva, people know the name.”

Before a title shot can even be discussed, Anderson Silva must first get past Vitor Belfort at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi.