Another History Made: UFC 112 Mark Munoz vs. Kendall Grove

Another History Made: UFC 112 Mark Munoz vs. Kendall Grove

Another History Made: UFC 112 Mark Munoz vs. Kendall GroveIn examining the best wrestling resume, Mark Munoz really has it all. He has proved this distinguished identity in two of his challenges in World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) through technical knockouts. This was even before he moved to the higher Ultimate Fighting Championship challenges. During his fight with Matt Hamill, things did not go well as planned, as he was knocked out.

More Fighting Skills from Munoz

The hope wasn’t lost since then rather it triggered his move to another division—the middleweight. He was then titled “Filipino Wrecking Machine” to win over the 185 pounds division, who only lost once in his 8 rounds. He expects to continue his winning streak in the main event of UFC to be telecast on FUEL TV 4. His opponent was Chris Weidman, who is also fighting to continue his winning streak on Octagon. Even before this fight, Munoz fought with Kendall Grove at UFC 112 with the former winning and surviving with little injury.

Grove vs. Munoz

UFC 112 began with a blast when Munoz dives and goes for the body shot that is avoided by Grove. Another attempt from Munoz but Grove responded with a knee hit on his head. Munoz charges with more shots and with takedown via double leg. A powerful punch was released by Munoz and hit Grove who was quick to stand up and get back. He does an all-punching attack on Grove. But the fight turned upside down when Munoz earns an uppercut from Grove. Less than two minutes before the fight ends, both were attempting a takedown but Munoz gets Grove in anaconda choke. Two hooks from Munoz cracked Grove. After further battering Grove with several punches, Munoz earns another ankle from the former. It was Munoz has been waiting all the time as finishes with several jabs on Grove.