Anthony Johnson to Settle at 205 Pounds


Anthony Johnson was once a contender for the welterweight division under the UFC banner. He was an excellent fighter but struggled to meet weight cuts as he was known to gain massive amounts of weight during off-time. During his young career, he started from 170 pounds and planned to transition to 185 but things did not go as planned and now he plans to move to heavier divisions just to keep up with his weight.

With a move to light heavyweight, Anthony Johnson claims he is more comfortable at this division rather than a middleweight cut. He is also unfazed of the massive fighting opponents that may be bigger and stronger than him.

Now that he plans to go for 205 pounds, there is still no opponent scheduled for his weight debut. This much awaited battle will come under the Titan FC banned where Johnson has recently signed a contract and made his debut appearance at Titan FC 22. The last match was a unanimous decision in favor of Johnson over David Branch.

It is no secret that most fighters who have moved from one weight cut to another, either from a lower or a higher weight division, have problems transitioning. This is basically due to opponents who are much larger, definitely stronger and are in their respective weight divisions the least. Most trainers and pros recommend fighting in your respective weight division to be able to get the most out of your strength, speed and agility.

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is from San Jose, California and he has been an impressive fighter with 10 wins, 4 losses and 0 draws in his fight card. Weight issues off-time is one of the common issues for most fighters and hopefully with the new weight cut that Johnson is planning to tackle, he will build more wins to become a UFC fighter that he is meant to be. His last fight at UFC RIO was a massive defeat against Vitor Belfort in January 12, 2012; he was at 185 pounds then.

Belfort “The Phenom” is from Rio, Brazil. He was impressive at the fight carrying a 21 win, 9 losses and a 0 draw fight card. A sample of confidence in his weight division, he was able to submit Anthony Johnson on the ring with an R1 Submission method that gained him a victory in his home court.