Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira More Surgeries, Plans for Return at UFC Rio

stallone nogueira

Big Nog is a broke surgeons wet dream. The former interim UFC Heavyweight champion hopes to be all healed up for the UFC’s return to Brazil in September.

I’m doing my third surgery within a month. There were three injuries that I had: my knee, my right hip and my left hip. I have these injuries for eight year, but about three years ago it started blocking me of training hard. I handled it, but I couldn’t do my last fight and really, if you can’t train 100%, you won’t do a good fight. I did these surgeries on the right time and I’m treating myself with the greatest hip doctor of the world, the guy guarantees I’ll be 100% for the second semester.

If I can fight on UFC Rio it’ll be perfect, but if not I’m sure that in September I’ll be prepared to fight.

I think I did great fight, I’ve fought the best of my division, I didn’t have an easy opponent. I really am one of the guys who fought great guys, but I have much more to show you, I am not done yet (laughs). My next goal is UFC Rio and to be among the tops of UFC. [tatame]

If he returns to the cage in Rio, It would have be almost a year and a half since we have seen “Big Nog” in action.


  1. ironcjb82

    January 19, 2011 at 1:44 am

    Big Nog needs to start looking at his future in fighting. Especially the heavyweight division now. I'm not so sure he can put in a good fight against the top tier guys now. His fight with Randy was a good one but that was a while ago and before that Frank Mir worked him, then Cain demolished him. He is only in his mid 30's and walks like an old man. Just nothing exciting about him anymore IMO.

  2. Kung Fu Panda

    January 19, 2011 at 5:37 am

    I think that these guys are to big and skilled for him. Back in Pride and othe Japaneese events, they pit a huge guy such as Bob Sapp but all he is big. Sapp has limited skilss so as long as Nog could take his best shots and wear him down or wait for him to make a mistake, he had a great shot. now, he is fighting big guys with skills and that is proving to be to much for him I agree that he has some wear and tear but I think he coud be a force in the LHW division.

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