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27 Comments on "Arianny Celeste Shows Off Her New Short Hair"

  1. Killah Hillz

    Some of you guys are straight up HATERS. Like Arianny would every get with your ugly asses. Just appreciate all for what it is and STFU if you don't like something, bitches.

  2. steve

    Looks fucking sexy to me. If you are trying to say that it dont look good then chances are you probally dont like women lol.

  3. Oswald Gobblecock

    Killah Hillz is tryin to look like the cool guy on the site by acting like we can't pull in tail but he can! lol Man probably hasn't had vagina since it had him but online he's a stud.

    Nobody said, "oh… that hair is terrible. I would have had sex with her until she got that God awful hair cut!" lmao She still looks good but the shorter hair is a negative in alot of our eyes. Except KH cause he could pull that, she probably got it cut just for him!

  4. Oswald Gobblecock

    Lord knows I've disagreed with Steve on many things… maybe even dogged him out a time or 10 which may have caused me not being able to post here for a while lol but to say she doesn't look good isn't what anybody here said, however… alot of us think it doesn't look as good. Men love longer hair, it's the women who like it short cause it's more comfortable.

  5. Bobby Hill

    I'm saying that I wouldn't touch her now. I actually had a date set up with her next weekend but I'm gonna back out do to this new hairc cut. It's hideous! I almost hurled… I'm also removing her from, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, my cell phone…. my will! Everything!!!

  6. Killah Hillz

    Cage Today….why don't you ban these fucking cocksuckers' posts? Why only mine? you piece of shit fucking contradictory site.

  7. dane drebin

    lol i'm queer. lol i laugh at others, because it makes me feel better about myself and i forget about the small size of my penis. lol

  8. The Truth

    You guys are ALL fucking douchebags. Every single one of you. Killah, dane, oswald, derek, bobby hill, and everyone on this site posting stupid shit. Go get a fucking life. Talk MMA.

  9. Ryan S

    I love how this is a headline article that we really want to know about MMA. This will be followed by "Chuck Liddell shaves his mustache!" and "Josh Koscheck trims his Afro!!"

  10. Oswald Gobblecock

    lol Killah Hillz for posting as me then replying like it was really me. Know that I can use a funny name like Gobblecock and still work you like a part tie job on here while everyone see's you lose to a guy using the name Gobblecock! lmao!!!

    Tell us another story about how much tail you pull so everybody can laugh at you once again!

  11. Killah Hillz

    You're right, I also posted as other guys that made fun of me cause I'm stupid enough to believe people might think it's them and they really came out of the closet right here and now.

    Your name is Gobblecock! LOL!!!!! That's all the material I have so you pretty much smoked me but your name is still Gobblecock and I hope it's your real name so i can feel better about my virginity still being on the table at the tender age of 36!

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