Bas Rutten: Kimbo Slice Wants A Rematch With Sean Gannon

kimbo slice

kimbo slice

According to an interview on CbsSportsLine, Bas Rutten has stated that Kimbo Slice really wants to fight Sean Gannon. Gannon defeated Kimbo by Guillotine during one of Kimbos infamous street fighting videos.

As a result of the fight, the UFC invited Gannon to fight at UFC 55, where he was quickly defeated by Branden Lee Hinkle.

Q: Have you discussed an opponent at all?

BR: No, absolutely not. We would really like to have Sean Gannon, the guy he lost to on the Internet, because they changed a lot of rules with that fight. That fight was purely boxing and suddenly knees started getting involved and the choke holds and he started clinching, and that was not just the match. I think it’s really been bothering Kimbo and I think he wants revenge.

That match is high on the priority list and hopefully Tank Abbott is one, too. Apparently he made some videos and said some things about Kimbo. When you put those videos out I think you should not only just bark but you should fight and take the fight.