Big Bonuses for UFC Fighters on Fox 4


The winner for the “Submission of the Night” and “Fight of the Night” goes to Joe Lauzon as he was awarded for his submission ace. He took home $100,000 in bonus money against Jamie Varner as they fight at UFC on Fox 4.
The “Fight of the Night” award was shared together with his partner Jamie Varner who had an extra $50,000 for his efforts at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last Saturday. Another fighter who won was Mike Swick; he won “Knockout of the Night” along with $50,000 for defeating DaMarques Johnson via knockout. This was the opening knockout fight at the said Fox broadcast.

Varner versus Lauzon was a fight to remember with just seconds in the first round with Varner getting the best out of the rounds. Lauzon was seen to drop twice but managed to turn up the heat in the second round as Varner’s glory began to fade. But even when Varner was seen to stagger, he managed to pull out clean shpts before he dug deep in round three. He scored with a few takedowns and Lauzon managed to counter with several sweeping moves and finished the fight with a triangle choke and thus won the fight.

Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon has 22 wins and only 7 losses to his name his last fight was a loss from Anthony Pettis at the UFC 144 – Edgar vs. Henderson in February. Jamie Varner on the other hand has 20 wins and 7 losses; he is fresh from a three fight winning streak and his last win was against Edson Barbosa at the UFC 146 – Dos Santos vs. Mir in May.

The Swick versus Johnson fight was also an exciting bout as Johnson staggered early in the first round to start their welterweight fight. He felts Swick’s right hand as it landed a hard blow to Johnson but the fighter was quick to recover and scored some shots of his one. Johnson scored a takedown that ended round 1 however Swick “Quick” lived up to his name by planting quick blows on Johnson’s back before a fast right hand that managed to knockout Johnson at 1:20 of the second round.

Mike “Quick” Swick has 15 wins and 4 losses on his record; he trained hard after suffering from two consecutive losses. His opponent DaMarques “Darkness” Johnson has 15 wins and 11 losses on his score card.