BJ Penn: First Stevenson, Then Sherk

bj penn

bj penn

BJ Penn talks with the Houston Chronicle about his upcoming fight with Joe Stevenson on January 19 at UFC 80: Rapid Fire and his outspokenness of the Sean Sherk steroid case

It’s all about getting that lightweight title right now….Joe Stevenson isn’t the big name like Hughes or (Georges) St. Pierre, but it’s all about getting the title. I really want to be the first guy to have a belt in the lightweight and welterweight divisions.

That’s what he is; he’s a ‘roider, huh?….The guy has been cheating for how many years? At least everybody knows now what everybody had suspected the whole time…But honestly, I can’t worry about Sean Sherk right now. I can’t look past Joe Stevenson. I’ve got to beat him, or there won’t be any fight with Sean Sherk, there won’t be any fight with Matt Hughes.

“As far as Sherk goes, he’s going to have to sit on the side and wait while the two people fight for the real lightweight championship, not the ‘steroid championship.’ “