BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez Could Headline Network TV Deal?

dana white

dana white

Dana White,

“It’s Penn-Sanchez, but I don’t know where yet … We’re working on a deal right now. That fight might end up somewhere else and it definitely won’t be in Manchester.”

B.J. doesn’t want to fight anywhere … But listen, you have to fight wherever we have fights. You’ve got to fight. If I need him to fight in Manchester, he’s got to fight in Manchester. But I’m working on something else for him right now…. We could go early November with another fight … Wait and see boys… if I can pull this one off” [UFC 102 Presser]

Could Dana Be working on a super secret UFC network Deal? Rumors across the web are betting on a UFC-ESPN deal, but yesterday ESPN VP John Skipper shoot that rumor down.

Ultimately, Skipper says he liked what he saw at UFC 100 but that MMA fans who thought Skipper’s presence at UFC 100 signaled a future deal between ESPN and the UFC shouldn’t get too excited.

“Nothing is imminent,” Skipper said. “I came away with a good impression, but don’t get your hopes up.” [Fanhouse]