Bodog Fight’s Offer To UFC President Dana White

Calvin Ayre of Bodog Fights

Calvin Ayre of Bodog Fights

Bodog Fight Billionaire Makes UFC President an Offer He Canâ“‚¬“„¢t Refuse

June 15, 2007 - Press Release Bodog Fight

In response to recent comments made by Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White, Bodog Fight founder Calvin Ayre is pleased to extend a once-in-a-lifetime offer to his mixed martial arts rival.

Whiteâ“‚¬“„¢s unfortunate public diatribe included slanderous comments about the Canadian billionaire, referring to the online gaming mogul as a â“‚¬Å“criminalâ“‚¬Â. The notoriously bald UFC promoter goes on to liken Mr. Ayre to a Richard Pryor character, stating â“‚¬Å“heâ“‚¬“„¢s like that guy in Brewsterâ“‚¬“„¢s Millions who is trying to spend all his money in 48 hours.â“‚¬Â

With July 14thâ“‚¬“„¢s Bodog Fight: Eddie Alvarez vs. Matt Lee marking Ayreâ“‚¬“„¢s first event on U.S. soil, the digital entertainment icon is referencing another Hollywood film, The Godfather, by making White â“‚¬Å“an offer he canâ“‚¬“„¢t refuse.â“‚¬Â

â“‚¬Å“Sources tell me Danaâ“‚¬“„¢s a big Bodog Fight fan,â“‚¬Â said Ayre. â“‚¬Å“He must be. He canâ“‚¬“„¢t stop talking about us. Personally, I love it when he keeps mentioning my organization in the media. He doesnâ“‚¬“„¢t seem to realize that each time he does, he only makes me more money, which is why I want to repay him by allowing him to experience the luxurious lifestyle I am fortunate to enjoy for 48 hours.â“‚¬Â

â“‚¬Å“Since, regrettably, I am unable to attend the upcoming Bodog Fight event in New Jersey, I will offer to send my private jet – complete with an assortment of beautiful Bodog Girls – to pick up Mr. White, wherever he may be. I will then fly him to the east coast where he will enjoy a front row seat to our next event, followed by a VIP evening including a comfortable five-star overnight stay in a nearby Atlantic City hotel. After hitting the poker tables, Mr. White can retire to his lavish suite, sip the finest champagne and relax in the knowledge that all amenities and services are complimentary as my way of saying â“‚¬Ëœthank-youâ“‚¬“„¢ for all the money he keeps making me.â“‚¬Â

All Mr. White has to do is send his R.S.V.P. to and the wheels will be put into motion.

Hey If Dana White won’t go, ill go! Calvin hit me up


  1. Realwun

    June 15, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    Wow, I guess this guy didn't make his money by being a good trash talker. I'm sure he thought it was cleaver, but to the rest of us, it is just pretty stupid.

    My advice to the Bodog Pres. is to get a better fight card to back up your words because, right now, you don't have any pull.

  2. Meatmallet

    June 16, 2007 at 2:31 am

    He cant be making that much money off of a bunch of B abd C list fighters.

  3. ike

    June 16, 2007 at 4:44 am

    I think it's hilarious. 'Bout time someone took Dana on at is own game, and Ayre's online gaming fortune means he has the financial jam to back it up. Realwun – I don't understand you comment about a "real" fight card. Fedor isn't chop liver. Not like UFC 71 or 72 were that great of cards top to bottom. Instead of hating on Bodog, I think any MMA fan who cares about the sport should hope they succeed. It's better for the fans, the fighters and the sport to have more the one promotion with a monopoly a la UFC.

  4. Realwun

    June 16, 2007 at 6:10 am

    Love Fedor and he did have one fight with Bodog, but he does not officially fight for Bodog. I'm talking about the main event that this guy is talking trash about being a great event.

    I'm all for someone challenging the UFC because they are getting really cocky and dont pay the majority of their fighters well, and dont allow outside sponsorships. But this is like playing poker with a bluff and then showing the other guy that you dont have shit.

    If it was Fedor fighting Linland like last time, that would be a different story…talk all of the shit you want when you get that fight.

  5. Realwun

    June 16, 2007 at 6:14 am

    Alavarez Vs. Lee:

    Alvarez has a very good record at 10-1, but no notable wins. Doesn't mean he's not as good as the record shows it just means that we cant know for sure until he fights a name.

    Lee has an average record and has beaten average opponents.

    Like I said, this main event is nothing to brag about.

  6. Tequilaman2000

    June 18, 2007 at 8:04 am

    "He cant be making that much money off of a bunch of B abd C list fighters."

    Ummm…. B and C list fighters like Lindland and Fedor?

    lol… he is just getting started. We'll see where they end up.

  7. Darwinist

    June 18, 2007 at 8:17 am

    Mr Ayre may have money, but he is just playing at being an MMA promoter for shits and giggles. He may be able to afford to lose boatloads of money on Bodogfight since it seems to be more or less his hobby, but like Vince McMahon, Calvin Ayre seems to only be able to do one thing well – all of his other buisness endevours apart from online gambling have failed miserably.

    I think that Dana was right when he said that most of these latecomers to promoting MMA really do not understand what it takes to market the sport effectively.

    I´d be very surprised if Bodogfight ever becomes anything other than a cult phenomenon in the MMA world. But that doesn´t have to be a bad thing.

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