Bones Jones Speaks on His ‘Hate Base’, Who He Want’s to Embarass in the Cage, and Playing Slow Jam’s to get Pumped [Video]



Jon ‘Bones’ Jones sat down with DJ Whoo Kid at Shady 45 to answer some pressing questions. Check out the full segment below.

About fighting Rampage:

“Listen, I ain’t losing to an actor. I can tell you that right now. It’s not happening. When I accepted the fight I was a little nervous because I grew up watching Rampage. So it was kind of fighting like somebody I looked up to. But the more I was around him, we did like a full media tour before the fight, and the more I was around him it helped me to get comfortable. It kind of humanized him.”

Who do you want next to knockout, or break, or embarass?

“There’s a cat named ‘Suga’ Rashad Evans in our sport. It’s somebody that I’ve got to get past and I’ve got to get him out the way.”

What do you listen to before you train or go out there in the ring?

“I listen to everything man. I’m a big Trey Songz fan, Chris Brown.”

But you don’t play Trey Songz before you go knockout someone?

“Yeah, he’s john blaze. All of the slow jams man, all of the slow jams.”

Thats the first ever, I thought he had like DMX or somebody.

“Nah, I’m all about the flow.”