Boxing Promoter Don King Wants A Piece Of MMA



Notorious Boxing Promoter Don King,

When I bring my guys in we’ll be getting prepared to take on Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta in their league vs. our league. The same thing I want to do with the sport of boxing I want to do with MMA. Make it competitive, man. Make it a comparison. Even though they’ve put on good fights, let’s see what they do with someone totally independent.

So does this mean you’re adding an MMA arm to Don King Productions?

Well, I can’t do this all by myself. I’m 78 but I’m not slowing down. I’ve got all the time in the world to rest when I get to heaven.[USAToday]

Serious or not, Don King is the latest boxing promoter to want to dip his cup into MMA. Golden Boy=FAIL, Gary Shaw=FAIL

Sporting a fine jean jacket, obviously made by a 12 year old girl, Don King rambles about politics on ESPN Radio,