Brad Imes Headlining Palace Fighting Championship 5

brad imes gogoplata submission

brad imes gogoplata submission
Brad Imes Gogoplata Submission – via SnapLocally Fight Photography

The Ultimate Fighter Season 2 veteran Brad Imes will square off against Chris Blair (6-0) at PFC 5 on November 10. Imes replaces Ruben “Warpath” Villareal who was actually a replacement for Justin Eilers.

Heavyweight Brad Imes has been on a four fight winning streak since leaving the UFC. His most recent win, he defeated Bo Cantrell by Gogoplata submission at 55 seconds of the first round. A gogoplata submission is rarely done in competition. Imes has won his last four fights by submission, including two gogoplatas in a row.

PFC 5 “Beatdown at 4 Bears” takes place on Saturday, November 10 in North Dakota.