Brad Imes: Lesnar Not Ready For The UFC

brad imes

brad imes

Brad Imes former The Ultimate Fighter reality show veteran and gogoplata master, had some choice words about his experience training with Brock Lesnar:

I think he’s got a lot of potential. His stand up is really kinda nonexistent, but he’s obviously a big powerful guy. And his ground game…I know, he’s a D-1 national champ but I think he’s pretty rusty as far as his ground game. I was able to pass guard on him, mount him, do whatever I wanted with him on the ground really. And he really didn’t feel that strong to me, granted I don’t grapple with anyone that feels strong to me.

But, I think that one of his strengths when he was in college was that he was much stronger than everyone he went up against; and heavyweights, no matter what the sport . . . it is hard to find good ones. So, I think if he sticks with it he’ll be great. I just think it was a mistake going to the UFC so quick. And I say that from someone who knows.

Imes is rumored to be fighting Fedor Emilianenko in M-1, but Imes has confirmed, nothing has been signed.