Brawl For It All Cancelled, Street Fight Erupts

no limits fighting

no limits fighting

Saturdays, No Limits Fighting “Brawl For It All” was officially cancelled by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) because the ring was put together wrongly. Fans were greeted at the door with signs stating the show was cancelled and ticket refunds could be obtained from the point of sale.

Last week we reported that the CSAC had to release the official fight card, because the promotion was selling tickets and advertising big name fighters for the card, that were not fighting. According to Sherdog:

The MMA card at the Cow Palace was cancelled Saturday afternoon when California State Athletic Commission executive officer Armando Garcia said he notified arena officials that the event, which had garnered just 300 tickets sold, was off because the caged fighting enclosure was missing two support beams.

During a meeting to determine whether the fighters will be paid, Don Frye and “Sonny”, Leland Chapman’s bodyguard went outside and fought. Police were called, but the two managed to run into each other later in the parking lot and the fight continued.

The fight with Don Frye and “Sonny,” who was Leland Chapman’s bodyguard, started when promoter Chris Salsbury told Scott Steiner that MMA promoter Phil Flathres would be in charge of paying the wrestlers. The wrestlers came to Flathers for their money. Somehow the MMA people and wrestling people were played against each other and tension developed. “Sonny” started making remarks about pro wrestling, which saw an MMA fighter/pro wrestler, Frye, telling him to shut up. Frye had been drinking and was loaded. It wound up with them going outside.

“Sonny” allegedly sucker punched Frye, bloodying him up. Frye then allegedly single legged Sonny and was punching him hard from the mount when it was pulled apart. The second confrontation in the parking lot saw Sonny knock down Frye and Sonny and Leland Chapman ran off as Scott Norton came and Frye got up. It should be noted that we’ve gotten many different versions and all are slightly different but this seems to be the best detailed version.

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