Brock Lesnar Charged With Hunting Crimes In Canada

brock lesnar hunt

Everyones favorite animal killing, Coors drinking, meat eating heavyweight has apparently been hunting dirty up in Canada,

Fish and Wildlife officers confirmed the international celebrity has been charged with three counts in contravention to the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Act. The charges came before Medicine Hat Provincial Court Thursday morning and include improper affixation of tags, spoilage of skin and edible flesh and possession of a controlled animal. [CJCYFM]

This shouldn’t interfere with his hunt for Alistair Overeem, as his day in court is set for Jan. 19, 2012.


Lesnar Pleads Guilty to the charges.

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  1. CuttinCutty

    December 15, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Someone call PETA, Lesnars been a terror to the animal community for years B)

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