Brock Lesnar Talks with Ariel Helwani about UFC on Fox Commentary, Overcoming Surgery, and Underdog Status Against Overeem


Ariel Helwani has a nice strategy, start with compliments before getting into the tough questions. Well that doesn’t work for Brock Lesnar who has no problem cutting interviews short when he doesn’t like the questions.

In an exclusive pre-fight interview, Ariel Helwani grabs a few minutes with Brock Lesnar to talk about his thoughts heading into his huge UFC 141 fight with Alistair Overeem, coming back from surgery, and what he through of providing commentary for UFC on FOX 1. Helwani opens by buttering Brock up with some nice things to say about his commentary debut at the first UFC event on Fox. But compliments don’t last long with Brock, and just a few minutes into the interview Brock cuts it short when questions started about Overeem’s lack of respect and Brock’s underdog status going into the fight.