Brock Lesnar Understands Fedor’s Pain


Brock Lesnar showing a softer side for his natural enemy, Fedor Emelianenko,

“It was disappointing. I hate to see a guy like that. Whether his legacy was more of a mystique than it was, he stood up and he was respectful and it was tough to see. It reminded me of my first fight against Frank [Mir] when I got really anxious and fell right into the trap. That’s a tough pill to swallow. That’s a big pill to swallow and I definitely do not want to try to swallow that pill again. I feel bad for him. I don’t think any less of him. We’re human beings and we all make mistakes and it’s whether or not we can get up and better ourselves. That’s what true champions are made of, I believe.” [5thRound]

Both are top of the heavyweight division in competing organizations, but UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar know what it feels like to lose for the first time. He shares his sympathy for the “Last Emperor” after his devastating loss to Fabricio Werdum last Saturday.