Busted, UFC Fighter Chris Leben Arrested for DUI (Updated)

chris-leben-busted-dui sentenced

The Junkie is reporting, UFC fighter Chris Leben was busted Wednesday night for driving under the influence (DUI) and violating terms of his probation in Oregon. As of the report, Leben is still locked up after being denied bail and is scheduled to go before the judge at 3 pm PST on Thursday.


Chris Leben was not arrested this week for DUI.

When Chris moved to Hawaii he was in the process of completing classes for his probation on an old DUI in Portland Oregon. We worked hard to get his probation transferred to Hawaii but were unsuccessful.

When he got the call to fight Bisping on June 7th in London he knew what he had to do.

He immediately flew to Oregon and turned himself in on the probation violation. The warrant was a “no bail” warrant so he will have to sit in jail for 8-10 days before he gets a hearing. The moment he appeared before the judge after turning himself in the warrant was revoked and he is able to get his VISA for London.

Chris is in excellent shape and will finish his training camp with the help of Matt Hume.

Chris has worked hard the past year to grow both physically, mentally and spiritually. The actions he took to make this fight happen in London show this growth. Chris would like everyone to know he accepts responsibility for his past actions and will face the consequences and continue forward on his journey.

Posted on Sherdog, verified by ICON Sport president T. Jay Thompson.