Cage Today Fighter Rankings

Updated: January 3, 2009


  1. Mike Brown
  2. Urijah Faber
  3. Leonard Garcia
  4. Norifumi Yamamoto
  5. Masakazu Imanari
  6. Wagnney Fabiano
  7. Hatsu Hioki
  8. Rafael Assuncao
  9. Takeshi Inoue
  10. Yugi Hoshino


  1. BJ Penn
  2. Kenny Florian
  3. Shinya Aoki
  4. Eddie Alvarez
  5. Joachim Hansen
  6. Sean Sherk
  7. Gesias Calvancanti
  8. Gray Maynard
  9. Nick Diaz
  10. Josh Thomson


  1. Georges St. Pierre
  2. Thiago Alves
  3. Jon Fitch
  4. Josh Koscheck
  5. Jake Shields
  6. Matt Hughes
  7. Carlos Condit
  8. Matt Serra
  9. Karo Parisyan
  10. Mike Swick


  1. Anderson Silva
  2. Rich Franklin
  3. Dan Henderson
  4. Yushin Okami
  5. Robbie Lawler
  6. Nate Marquardt
  7. Gegard Mousasi
  8. Matt Lindland
  9. Yoshiro Akiyama
  10. Chael Sonnen
  11. Kazuo Misaki


  1. Rashad Evans
  2. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson
  3. Lyoto Machida
  4. Forrest Griffin
  5. Wanderlei Silva
  6. Keith Jardine
  7. Chuck Liddell
  8. Thiago Silva
  9. Renato Sobral
  10. Vladimir Matyushenko


  1. Fedor Emelianenko
  2. Andrei Arlovski
  3. Josh Barnett
  4. Frank Mir
  5. Brock Lesnar
  6. Randy Couture
  7. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
  8. Gabriel Gonzaga
  9. Alistair Overeem
  10. Tim Sylvia


  1. Anderson Silva
  2. Georges St. Pierre
  3. BJ Penn
  4. Fedor Emelianenko
  5. Miguel Torres
  6. Urijah Faber
  7. Rashad Evans
  8. Quinton Jackson
  9. Thiago Alves
  10. Lyoto Machida

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  1. David

    January 6, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Alex, I'm just saying that you can't use statistics and records to determine who is better in MMA. I mean Randy Couture who was 15-4 at the time became a UFC Hall of Famer. Joe Stevenson currently holds a record of 34-9 but he's not even close to the Hall of Fame. So when you combine records of opponents, it doesn't make sense to me. It only matters who you fight. It doesn't matter who knocked out who faster but it does matter if one person finished an opponent and the other didn't. Bottom line is that if it's that close, you don't need to go to the statistics, we'll see who's better on Jan 31st. I would rather compare abilities than statistics.

    You can argue all you want about the rankings and yeah I'll admit, BJ's opponents haven't been impressive. Especially now that Jens and Joe have been gettin whooped. But I'll tell you what BJ has done to prove he's been ahead of GSP. He didn't lose to Matt Serra as a what 11-1 underdog? A guy who's career was basically over until he beat the likes of Shonnie Carter to revive his career on a comeback reality show? GSP lost to Matt Serra man at the top of his game. He just became the champ and couldn't defend it. Yeah he came back in dominated him on the ground but why? I remember GSP being a ruthless standup striker from the start of the bell. Now he just wrestles. You can say he learned from the first Serra fight but I don't like his transformation. He's too scared to stand up and knock people out without wearing them out first. Good strategy and it's a great way to win but IMO, GSP is too good to convert to that. I want him to be that dynamic fighter that made him a fan favorite in the first place. I used to like GSP until he lost to Matt Serra. No, I didn't jump off the bandwagon just because he lost. I didn't like the fact that after he lost, he said he lost fair and square. Then a few months later, he came up with all these excuses on why he didn't win and never gave full credit to Serra for beating him. On top of that, I hang out with a bunch of GSP fans who try so restlessly to erase that loss to Serra and hype him up by saying he's a better fighter after his transformation.

    I call it like I see it, it's not the absolute truth, I'm telling you from my perspective and I feel very strong about it. You can't deny many of the points I have made unless you choose to turn the other cheek, or cover it up, which most die hard GSP and Fedor fans do. I understand you want to prove your point but make valid points. You say they are pretty much even but it's obvious that you favor GSP and choose to turn the other cheek. In this case you mentioned that they both finished Matt Hughes. Although it was HARDER for BJ to finish Hughes, he finished him one round earlier. That's exactly why you can't base it on what round they finished them in because there are too many exceptions. GSP avenged his 2 losses against guys who are clearly on the decline and one was to Matt Serra. The other to a man who's lost 3 of his last 4. But then you give full credit to GSP who stopped Sherk one round earlier than BJ. Remember that Sherk is a natural lightweight who had to fight GSP at welterweight. You didn't mention that right? Look man, you can say GSP is #2 and I don't care. I'll even say that BJ belongs at #4 behind Fedor because I know BJ needs to beat GSP to get to #2. But don't come at this by saying stuff like that to prove that GSP is better. If you want my respect, don't turn the other cheek or cover up or erase his blemishes and make valid points.

    GSP, like Mayweather says you betta STEP YO GAME UP

  2. roy

    January 6, 2009 at 5:24 am

    good post david, i am a fan of bj's and not a fan of gsp's but i respect his abilities and the only reason i brought up the excuse's your giving for bj is because your bashing one fighter well making excuse for another.i used to hate fedor but because he was so good and a good person i became a fan and i don't think its money he is looking for and i don't think he had much to worry about fighting randy so i dout he ducked him.1 he already has proven himself that its not his fault he beat everyone that was around at the time now there are new fighters out there that will someday pass him but probally not his career as a whole you bring up the ufc but i think we all agree that aa than barnett are the best fights for him right now after that what more does he have to prove?who's in the ufc that he needs to fight?randy?that would have been nice but he lost to lesnar and is only getting older the only other legend there is nog who just lost and fedor already beat so who whould he fight?the only match up left there would be lesnar and that would be great but i don't think it will happen and even if he lost that fight would that erase what he has already done?i don't care about p4p its all a matter of opinion i would probally put bj 1st because he is moving up weights to fight people if gsp beats him and a.silva than he would be #1.oh and i have bj winning that fight but it will be close and it would not surprize me if gsp won.

    ps. you did know that bj fought matt serra and it was every close went to decision.

  3. David

    January 6, 2009 at 7:45 am

    Hey roy to respond to your Fedor post, he is looking for money. The 2 main reasons why he won't go to the UFC is because he wants to be paid a million per fight, just like Randy did. He also wants to compete in his home country's tournament but he would give that up if the UFC paid him the million but they won't. If you claim that Fedor isn't looking for money, what is he looking for? I can tell you that he's not wanting to fight the best. Sure AA and Barnett are good but they weren't even in line for a title shot when they quit the UFC. If he really wanted to fight the best then he would have signed on to fight Randy when he was still the champ. He may of won it but we'll never know now because the fight isn't going to happen. And now that Brock beat Randy, everyone is saying oh Fedor would have won. He's just sitting back and watch his best competition get taken out while he sits there and fights the safe fights where he is a 10 to 1 favorite. Fedor is finally getting a quality fighter in AA after what 2 years? I can't believe he signed on to fight Lindland who is a natural middleweight then Tim Sylvia, a guy cut by the UFC. Maybe he can fight Werdum next because he's not with the UFC anymore either. What I'm saying is that the UFC although thin at HW still has the top contenders. I know Fedor is a nice guy and that's why I like the guy. But I don't respect him because he's not out to fight the best, and he's proven that over the past 2 years. They are just gonna wait until the UFC cuts HW so that Fedor can fight. If he wants my respect, he needs to be hungry and do anything it takes to fight the top contenders, and at that time it was Randy Couture. I'm not saying he ducked Randy, I'm saying that even though he knew at that time, Randy was the top contender to take down the Last Emperor, he didn't take it. Why? Because of money. I mean look at Kenny Florian, he is out to fight the best and he didn't wait around for BJ and still fought, yet the guy barely makes what is it 80 G's? I correct me if I'm wrong. Then take a look at BJ Penn. He said he wanted GSP years ago. Dana said well take out the lightweight division. Fast foward and here we are. BJ gets exactly what he wanted to fight the #2 P4P champ and he's moving up in weight to do so. Fedor does not have that type of ambition and all the Fedor fans will soon realize it They are even talking about starting a reality HW tournament show to see how can take down Fedor! C'mon man, if that doesn't make you sick, I don't know how blind you guys can be. If he goes over and takes out the UFC HW division which should be a walk in the park for him, then I would bow down and say he's the best fighter in the history of MMA, next to Royce Gracie. But in all reality, he won't and will retire and his fans will still say he coulda woulda and shoulda beat the best during his time.

    Yes BJ did fight a close decision to Matt Serra. Serra was in his prime, or around it at that time, not a TUF Comeback winner. Just take a look at his body and you can tell there is a massive difference. He actually had abs, was toned and conditioned, compared to a bulky Serra now. GSP then avenged his lost and keep in mind that GSP took out 2 guys while Serra was nursing a herniated disc. I'm not saying Serra will ever beat GSP again, but shit he wasn't suppose to either. I may be biased because I had 20 bucks on Serra just for fun when I was in Vegas because he was such a huge underdog. I love rooting for the underdogs and I hate it when some fan favorites are talked up so much. For me to root for a favorite, I would have had to follow him in the beginning. In this case I root for BJ Penn, Wanderlei Silva, Lyoto Machida and yes Manny Pacquiao.

    Whether or not BJ wins or loses, he gave it his best shot and went out of his way to get this fight. You can't say that about most fighters out there, and yes I'm talking to you Fedor.

  4. Tim

    January 6, 2009 at 8:34 am

    Yeah i hate to say it but every fighter out there including Fedor is looking for who will pay them the most money and the incentives along with it. Fedor turned down the UFC due to the so called restrictive contracts which to me a contract is suppost to be rescrictive and the only reason why other promotions dont have exclusive contracts is because they cant afford to keep the fighters under contract meaning insurance reasons, medical etc…and flat out pay…the UFC is the top dog in MMA no doubt but it is missing a few of the sports best fighters but they haveunder contract about 80% of the best fighters. Secondly Fedor wanted a million per fight and no less plus paperview bonuses etc…come one who is the greedy one…Fedor or Dana….no fighter in the UFC has a base pay of 1 mil plus bonuses. Randy has a base pay of 200K per fight base plus a 200K win bonus i believe so thats 400K with a Win, then he also has bonuses for paperview buys…last figt with Lesnar he made 2.6Mil and Lesnar gets 250Kbase plus a 200K win bonus so thats 450 if he wins plus bonuses..he made like 2.2 Mil for the Randy Fight. So what i am saying is Fedor could make millions in the UFC he just cant be so greedy as what brok off the arrangements were that he wanted a base 1 mil per fight plus a win bonus plus paperview bonuses….come on even Dana isnt a fool to fall for that especially since no other fighter comes close to those stats. Fedor doesnt even get bonuses in Affliction or M-1 he gets like 1 Mil per fight or so…so i dont understand what the beef is with not signing with the UFC oh wait its the whole exclusive fight contract…

    While i understand the concept of fight where you want and agree with some none exclusive fights the level of where the UFC is makes it more of a business decison than personal as the UFC has to think about protecting its rights to making money on marketing and video libraries etc…do you know that every fight thats on Affliction the UFC if it wanted to could use that footage and show it on its networks…but affliction wont pay the marketing nad copyright tabs nor do they own the exclusive rights to Fedor and his fights so he can fight with them or anyone else…thats losing money for Affliction and other promotions but honestly they cant afford to pay for all those rights and regulation taxes etc…but the UFC can and is only protecting their rights as a promotion to exclusivity to their fighters fights.

  5. fedor24

    January 6, 2009 at 8:39 am

    Fedor and Randy tried to make that fight happen. The UFC won't co-promote. For money. Fedor has and will continue to fight the best fighters available to him. Right now the UFC won't co-promote. Over money. Fedor has never ducked anyone. He is fighting AA and Barnett. 2 former UFC champions in 2009. I agree its all the money. Fedor wants a million and so did Randy. Fedor isn't over 40 and on the clock like Randy was. It was the UFC lawsuit that kept us from seeing that fight. If the UFC can't afford Fedor then so be it. He is still the best heavy on the planet. Greedy or not. lol

  6. roy

    January 6, 2009 at 9:31 am

    david what are you talking about you lost alot of credility with that last comment, barnett and aa where not in line for a title? barnett had the title when he left and has always been a top 5 hw his whole career aa would have been up for the title but left the company he was not dropped he left! they are the 2 best hw's outside of fedor who is he ducking how is he looking for easy fights fighting these guys your crazy and don't know what your talking about. than you bring up werdum? yeah that would be great he lost his last fight and before that he was supposed to get next shot at the ufc title he talked shit and they used that loss as a excuse to cut him, are you saying werdum is not a top 10 hw? or that he sucks?as far as the money the ufc offered him more money than anyone dana already said this sorry if fedor dosn't have to bow down to dana and fight for the ufc and again he already proved himself he can retire right now and who would of had a better career than him at hw? please name the better hw's with better careers that fought the better fighters. you make no sense yeah fedor is ducking real compition instead he is fighting aa and barnett! LOL

  7. roy

    January 6, 2009 at 9:34 am

    PS. alot of fighter are making a million plus per fight in the ufc randy,lesnar,chuck,hughes and tito and others.the top guys get 250-500 to fight plus win bonus and a ppv cut.the ufc would be happy to pay fedor a million plus to fight there its not the money.

  8. Tim

    January 6, 2009 at 9:49 am

    No offense but i just said that….and again Fedor wanted with UFC 1mil per fight as his base pay on top of win bonus and paperview cuts…the man is greedy and insane and that and the exclusive fight the UFC has is the other so its two sided… Sure Fedor could of signed a one fight deal with the UFC to fight Randy at the time but due to the court battles and money litigations and exclusive contracts rights…it just didnt happen and as i say it wasnt meant to be. But still Fedor is the best for now…there is always someone better than you….Always.

  9. Tim

    January 6, 2009 at 9:51 am

    AA and Barnett are top level Talent and i am sure that Fedor will beat them both but dont be surprised if he does not.

  10. Ryan S

    January 6, 2009 at 10:28 am

    Tim, I didn't say what I said to insult you, but you always say people like Steve are "on Fedor's nuts" or sukcing them or something. But you get that way with Lesnar too, and you say things like he will walk through Mir. When someone tries to disagree with you, you just say how great Lesnar is. Mir beat him once, it can happen again, just like Lesnar can also win it. Both of them can completely capitalize based off of one of the other's mistakes. That's what can happen in EVERY fight. Thats all I will say. I'm done. This is stupid and it always ends the same way.

  11. roy

    January 6, 2009 at 10:31 am

    Fedor wanted with UFC 1mil per fight as his base pay on top of win bonus and paperview cuts…the man is greedy and insane

    i have heard alot back and forth on this but i reall don't think we know the truth, if you have seen the contract or have a credible source please share it.i am sure fedor asked for alot of money because he is in a postion where he can, just like lesnar getting payed with no experience but i have heard dana say that he offered fedor more than anyone and he still didn't sign so it was not about money.

  12. roy

    January 6, 2009 at 10:34 am

    AA and Barnett are top level Talent and i am sure that Fedor will beat them both but dont be surprised if he does not.

    i agree tim they are the 2 best hw's outside of fedor and either one could win, i have always thought barnett would be the one to give him a loss but i am looking forward to theese fights and don't care who wins.

  13. David

    January 6, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    Roy let's back up a bit here. You are saying that I don't know what I'm talking about but let's take a look at this. We are talking about AA and Barnett not being in line for the title . Let's start with AA. I like him, I like him a lot, and love the fangs but he wasn't in line for the title when he left the UFC. Yeah he had won 3 straight and was making a comeback with back to back losses to Sylvia but they had other fighters in mind. After Randy won the belt, they wanted Mirko Cro Cop to fight Randy except Gonzaga put his bid in when he beat Cro Cop. Not to mention that they just signed Big Nog to the UFC. In addition Brandon Vera was a contender before his managerial dispute. AA was probably 3rd or even 4th in line for the title. AA was still with the UFC up until March of 08 when he fought Jake O Brien. Well they had an INTERIM HW match between Big Nog and Tim Sylvia a month before. Not to mention Frank Mir had just submitted Brock Lesnar. SO yeah, he WASN"T in line for the title. He needed another win or 2 before he was even considered for a title fight.

    Let's go to Barnett. Yeah he was the HW champ when he left but you left out the part where he was tested posiive for steroids and was stripped of the belt. TO me, that's cheating and you can't be considered the champ if you use steroids, allegedly. He then went on to Pride and had a great run, that is until he ran into Cro Cop and Big Nog in 2006. Then he took a 2 year break man and came back against Yoshida and who? Monsoon? The guy Tim Sylvia beat so bad that he left the UFC? So how can you say that Barnett was in line for a title fight even in Pride when he lost to Big Nog. He wasn't even in line to fight Fedor for the belt!

    Look I'm not denying they are great fighters and probably the top 10 possibly top 5 HW's. I'm not saying that Fedor is ducking any opponent. Let me make this shit clear, Fedor isn't ducking but he's not going out there and stating that he wants to fight the best either. But we do know, as Tim clearly elaborated, it's about money. I mean now he is getting quality opponents because they aren't in the UFC anymore but what did he do when Pride was bought by the UFC? He went on to fight Matt Lindland, a middle weight. His next opponent…a kickboxing champ in his 2nd MMA career fight in Hong Man Choi. Yeah Werdum is good and he was in line for a title but he just got knocked out by a guy making his UFC DEBUT MAN! You kno that unless you have been a top dog in the UFC, a lost is a big hit on your road to a title shot. Fighters would have to fight maybe 4, 5 or even 6 fights before they are even considered. JUst look at Florian.

    So before you open your mouth and say that I don't know what I'm talking about, make sure you know your history and while you're at it, make sure you are interpreting my comments right. You go on and put words in my mouth by saying that I don't think Barnett and AA are good fighters. They are great fighters, and yeah they can be a top 5 HW but what I simply said was that they weren't even in line for a title shot. And they weren't. If you are the P4P King and best HW on earth, wouldn't you want to fight the #2 best HW on earth? Just sayin

    And I can't believe you went back to saying that Barnett was the champ (2002) and we are in the year 2009 and even then he got stripped for using steroids…allegedly but he's still a great fighter and a top 6 HW now. I don't know if I'd place him at #3 after Mir's strong showing against Big Nog and Lesnar, who I think are better competitiors than Barnett's last 3 with the exception of Rizzo. But taking out Big Nog like that should have leaped frogged him over Barnett but only time will tell.

    Thanks Tim for your input and elaboration.

  14. David

    January 6, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    By the way, I'm gonna be rooting for Arvlovski and I hope he comes back to the UFC to dominate because I do think he has what it takes, especially under the supervision of Freddy Roach.

  15. dane drebin

    January 6, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    dude david i dont know where u get ur facts but they were bypassing arlovski because he wasnt resigning his contract with the ufc. they put him against o'brien because he wouldnt sign a new contract thats why they put him on the undercard. he had a lot more wins than mir did. you better believe if he would have been danas bitch like most fighters that he would be one of the top contenders for the title. he prolly would have faught nog for the interum title. he is a lot more marketable and liked than sylvia.

  16. Tim

    January 7, 2009 at 1:56 am

    The difference between me liking Lesnar is that i can admit to his faults and that he can and will likly lose again sometime…but most of you are so hyped and hung up on Fedor like he cant be beat its kinda sick…thats all i am saying.

  17. STEVEO

    January 7, 2009 at 2:22 am

    I have to admit Tim I have my favorites but you seem to take it to a pretty big extreme with Lesnar whom I happen to root for myself. Nothing wrong with being a loyal fan but sometimes I think everyones getting at that you walk the line of creepy

  18. roy

    January 7, 2009 at 3:04 am

    david you seem to keep changing your tune or i am missunderstanding your comments.i know all these thing you say but don't agree with how you put them all.and aa was sidelined for a year before they put him on the undercard for not resigning.either way at first you where acting like he did not want to face the best when he pretty much is facing the best hw's. i am not sure about mir, one i thought he sucked until his win over nog he really had done nothing other than beat tim, nog was sick but it was still impressive but i will wait and see how good he real is i dout that he will beat lesnar and after he loses that fight i wonder if he will beat any other top ufc hw, he is not close to barnett imo.

  19. roy

    January 7, 2009 at 3:05 am

    here is a great new interview with fedor, he says he would fight a.silva if thats what the fans wanted.

  20. David

    January 7, 2009 at 3:10 am

    Dane, whether he's dana's bitch or not, my facts are still straight. I had previously said that he wasn't in line for a title shot. And he wasn't. You can sit there and say Oh he did deserve one or not but the truth is, now you are just getting into what if's. What if he stuck with the ufc? what if he was dana's pet dog? what if???? Dude don't even go there. I get my facts from watching MMA and the same sources as all of you. You guys just tend to dabble in the what if gray areas too much. What if Randy and Fedor fought, oh yea Fedor would win cuz he just got knocked out by Lesnar. What if AA fought Big Nog, oh yea AA woulda won cuz Mir just knocked him out and AA has better stand up. IT's all what if's, shoulda, woulda coulda about you guys. I give you guys straight facts, and then you try to twist and turn it around by saying if he did this, and if he did that. Drop your bias, get reality checks, and come at me with something I don't know.

  21. roy

    January 7, 2009 at 3:31 am

    david you had some good post, than you drop that last one it was weak.

    Speaking of overrated, Fedor is the most overrated fighter in history. The guy thinks he’s god and keeps talking his trash.

    thats from you please show me a interview where he talks shit or acts like he is god.

    Drop your bias, get reality checks

    Yeah, I’m biased but it’s not excuses.

    witch is it?

  22. David

    January 7, 2009 at 3:48 am

    Roy my rap has been the same since the beginning so I don't know how you can misunderstand me. Let me help you make this clear. Only now, can you Fedor fans say that he is fighting top 5 HW's. Why? Because he basically just waited for everything to unravel. Randy lost and Big Nog who were both ahead of Barnett and AA. But since they lost, those 2 leap frogged to the #2 and #3 rankings. How can you explain the P4P king to fight someone who is TWO weight classes lower and then a guy who's fighting his 2nd career mma fight? You can say that Barnett is a better fighter than Mir, but just remember, he was the champ and beat Sylvia during his prime. He only lost his belt because he got into a motorcycle accident, not tested for steroids. He came back and lost to Brandon Vera who had a different mentality back then and was undefeated. In addition, he demolished the guy who just beat Barnett. Big Nog was sick, but do you really think that things would have gone different? No, Mir had the perfect game plan and respected Big Nog's BJJ. He found a weakness int he stand up game and exploited it. Besides Fedor being the #1 HW, the rankings 2 – 6, you can make an argument for anyone of them. It's just a matter of your biased opinion. Look, I like AA and Barnett for making the move to Affliction so that they can fight Fedor. I respect that a lot. Along with money, they wanted to fight the #1 HW in the world. Why did they have to move? Because Fedor was too stubborn to sign with the UFC, where at the time, the best HW's in the world were except for Barnett who signed with the Japan inc.

    Bottom line, and I want to make myself clear. This is about Fedor, it's not about AA, or Barnett, or any other HW. It's about Fedor. I like the guy, he looks invincible. The reason why I can't respect him is because he doesn't care about fighting the best, and yes Im talking about his 2 fights after pride. Not a single one of you can explain why he was taking those guys out while other HW's were hungry. I don't know how you can respect a guy that knows if he would have fought Randy, it would be one of the most anticipated bouts in MMA history. Don't tell me you're sore about the UFC not co-promoting. That's like asking Mickey D's to promote a value meal where you (the upcoming burger joint) have the best waffle fries in the world and you want to pair it with their big mac. Fedor had a chance to sign with the UFC but he didn't. Instead, he signed with a new company in Affliction, and so begins the best HW fight in MMA history NOT to happen. Now he is fighting the best HW's cuz the guys in front of them just lost to higher quality opponents. Fedor is just waiting for guys to come over and take him out. He's NOT looking for them, and that's what I don't like and what you all fail to realize. Let me bring back the example of BJ Penn.

    BJ Penn: I want to fight the best, and he is GSP

    Dana: No, go back down to lightweight and take out the division.

    BJ Penn: Ok

    Fast foward

    BJ Penn: I took out the best in the lightweight division so now I want GSP, and I dont giva shit, i'll move up to 170lbs again. Oh yeah and while you're at it, if you want me to fight Kimbo then I'm game even though he sucks but I just want to shut up the Elite XC folks

    Look, I'm done with this. I'm just gonna leave you guys with your biased opinions. I think I've read enough to know that you guys are beyond saving. So I'mma sit back and enjoy this new year. Have a safe one guys.

  23. roy

    January 7, 2009 at 4:00 am

    i am not biased and i don't need you to save me, but thanks for caring.

  24. roy

    January 7, 2009 at 4:10 am

    1. i hated fedor and always rooted for him to lose in pride, i have come to respect him as the best hw out there though.

    2.i don't care about p4p it means nothing to me and i don't care where people want to place fighters on this fantasy list, its all just for fun.

    3.after pride he fought lindland-i would say props to lindland for trying to challenge himself and he looked for that fight and fedor wasn't going to turn it down.the hong man choi fight had was for the japanese fans who love the freakshow fights so he did it.i bet choi could beat a few of the ufc hw's. say randy was ahead of barnett?how by losing to him or beating 2 guys after getting knocked out.also nog didn't destroy barnett and barnett has a win over nog as well.

    5.mir? great win over nog you can't take that from him but i don't think he will beat anyone else that is significant and barnett is far better than him.

    6. talk about biased i am not a fedor nutthugger i can just credit where it is do, but talk about a typical fedor hater and it you, stop being so biased you come with some good things you should just let the hate go.

  25. Tim

    January 7, 2009 at 4:34 am

    Roy i completely agree on every level that you state here….it was you who opened up my eyes to how great a fighter Fedor really is…its like the man is an animal and literally stalks his prey…and stunns his oppenants and than capitalizes on them with G&P or Subs…the man is a methodical beast…but eventually the hunter becomes the prey its just how the food chain works.

    Regarding Lesnar and how some of you think im a little nuts about him…well first off i have a great deal of respect for him for what he has accomplished both past and present, the man is a superb athlete with Raw skills and overwelming abilities where the sky is the limit for him. The main reason i talk so highly on him is because i actually met the man as i have said before back in 99-2000 during J robinsons wrestling camp in Minnesota…so off the bat when i heard he was going into MMA i was like damn i met that guy…i want to see him succeed and i know what type of person he is and the raw natural talent he has to basically succeed at anything he puts his mind to…Not to mention and yes i will admit i watched him during his WWE days as well so i wanted see for myself if he could make the transition from and entertainer to professional Fighter and athlete once again. So if you cant understand that so what i dont care….say what you want but i admire and respect the man for what he has accomplished throughout his career…even Barnett in an article on Sherdog stated he respects Lesnar for his abilities and that he deserves everything great that comes to him in MMA even the title. Even though he got a shot at it early he still earned it. But at first i need to make a strong case for him as many of you didnt think he was cut out for MMA or could hang with the big boys per say…well now that has been answered i can back up and play the MMA game and get real with the future…Lesnar has along way to go and we all know his raw abilites and to me its exciting to see a man i met in the sport that i love watching….MMA…as well as having a similar background in wrestling and the military.

    Now Fedor is a class act, never have i seen or heard an interview with him disgracing another fighter or saying he was the best and if i recall was it not Fedor himself that said he isnt the best P4P fighter in the world…being humble maybe but Roy said the P4P fight ranking mean nothing and there are just for fun. Its Fedor's fans that over rate him into this so called God of MMA. I am sure not one of them but i do respect the man for his abilities and what he has accomplished in his MMA and Sambo and overall fight career.

  26. roy

    January 7, 2009 at 4:56 am

    thanks tim, i have learned from you and the others here as well, i love debating here and hearing other peoples side of things and i have been wrong plenty of times. you don't have to justify you liking lesnar tim i like people that are loyal fans and not just bandwagon followersi had my douts about lesnar but he has answered them with every fight so far, yes some day fedor wil get beat and some one will pass him it might be aa or barnett but even if he gets past them some one else will try to step up.if lesanr sticks with mma for the rest of his athletic career who knows how far he will go maybe even the best ufc hw ever.i like the fighters that i like win or lose i am a fan.

  27. steve

    January 7, 2009 at 5:10 am

    good arguement.

  28. Tim

    January 7, 2009 at 5:20 am

    Thanks Roy I agree and as well i am a fan for life win or lose on the fighters that i like.

  29. Ryan S

    January 7, 2009 at 11:33 am

    All I have to say is fuck the Lesnar fans because they are all stupid and they should not….blah blah blah. HA! You probably clicked on this because you saw that first part in the recent comments. I'm just kidding. With his size and athletic ability, when Lesnar becomes more well rounded, I will probably become a fan. I like pretty much all the well rounded fighters because I think they are fun to watch. This is all stupid. We are all biting eachother's heads off for being fans. I'm a fedor fan. Steve is a Fedor fan. Tim is a Lesnar fan. Of course our opinions will clash. I try to take nothing away from Lesnar though. I do think he has tremendous potential, possibly more than anyone in the sport (arguably). When Fedor loses I will still be a fan. I don't look at any other MMA site because I think they are all trash and I like debating with the same guys over and over again. I say lets not jump the gun. Lesnar has Mir first. After that who knows. There are many fights that tickle my fancy, especially with Lesnar as he evolves into a more well rounded fighter.

  30. dane drebin

    January 7, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    well said ryan

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