Cain Velasquez Fresh from UFC Win; Dismisses Idea of Fighting Daniel Cormier

Cain Velasquez is fresh from his impressive win over Junior dos Santos in UFC 155 headline match; he won via unanimous decision as the two fighters met for the second time in the octagon in December 29, 2012 which was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

After this victory everyone is asking who will be next in line to challenge Velasquez for the title. Many guessed if Strikeforce standout Daniel Cormier will be the next one to fight Velasquez however Cormier rejected the idea for as long as the title is in the hands of Velasquez who is his teammate at the American Kickboxing Academy.

Velasquez was interviewed after the fight and he said: “I wouldn’t [fight Cormier]. This is my friend, my teammate and my coach. If you want to see us fight, go to AKA three days a week.” This was the fighter’s revelation to Fox Sports while sitting next to Cormier during the post-fight interview.

Velasquez also narrates what happened during his fight with dos Santos at UFC 155. “A lot of times before this fight, I was envisioning the way it would go, but to actually go out there and do it with all the pressures of finally being in there [felt great]. I wanted to come in lighter and faster. I knew he was really fast with his movement and everything else, and I wanted to be in good shape to be able to move at any angle and just be quick.”

He further told Fox about what exactly was going on in his head during the fight: “A lot of stuff in my head was just [me thinking]. ‘Keep a strong pace.  Pressure him to top and then look for stuff with the legs.’ It was always up and down and I never really slowed down.” He added: “I just had it in my head that I needed to put a lot of pressure on him and do what I wanted to do. That high-paced wrestling style breaks a lot of people when they’re not used to it.”

Velasquez’ preparations in the gym together with Cormier really made him meet his opponent in the Octagon. He commented that there was so much fuss while dos Santos was being introduced but he somehow proved the fighter wrong.