Carlos Condit Injured, Out Of UFC 108 Fight With Paul Daley



The UFC can’t catch a break in 2009, Carlos Condit withdrawals for his UFC 108 brawl with UK striker Paul Daley due to injury.

Carlos Condit has suffered an injury and has been forced to withdraw from his UFC 108 contest against hard-hitting Brit Paul Daley, has learned from a source close to the contest.

We were told that a replacement is being sought for the event on January 2nd. [MMAUnltd]

With less then three weeks before the scheduled event, it is going to be a challenge for the UFC to find a worthy opponent for Paul Daley.

Paul Daley is mad,

I’d [accept] any fight.. I just wanna fight. Condit is a big pussy IMO, I have inside information on that dude….it’s all good as long as I fight,” he wrote, a comment that is sure to enrage former WEC welterweight champion Condit.

A source close to Daley said the British welterweight is under the impression Condit had not begun a proper training camp, and is questioning how long Condit had known he would not be fighting. “Paul has spent a shitload of money on this training camp out of his own pocket, and his team have bought non-refundable tickets to go out to the US for the fight so hopefully Paul gets another opponent for this card, he is really pissed off,” [FightersOnly]

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