Carlos Condit Makes No Excuses For Kampmann Loss



Former WEC welterweight champion, Carlos Condit

“It was a very, very close fight … I left it in the judges’ hands, which is always risky. I felt like I did more damage, but I know as well as anybody that knows the sport, the guy that’s on top usually gets the nod from the judges. Martin was able to stay on top for longer and he got the nod, and hats off to him.”

“I’m not going to come out here and be like, ‘oh, I want a rematch’ right off the bat because that’s a little bit disrespectful I think … The judges saw it his way and I’ll leave it at that. But of course I’d like to rematch him. You know? But he got the nod tonight.”[MMAWeekly]

Carlos Condit’s UFC debut didn’t go exactly as he expected. After a close technical fight, two of the three judges gave the split decision victory to Martin Kampmann.