Chael Sonnen Call Rampage a “Crybaby” Over UFC Bashing


Chael P. Sonnen thinks enough is enough when it comes to Rampage Jackson’s building anger towards the UFC. The middleweight contender talks about Rampages latest anti-UFC speech on Inside MMA.

You know, you think you have problems with Ryan Bader, you know don’t even try that stuff with some of us that have, you know, kicked and scratched and clawed while you, you know, you’ve been eating at the trough for years.

UFC President Dana White when asked about the Rampage situation following the UFC on FOX 3 press conference had this to say, “If he’s unhappy with us, doesn’t like us, and doesn’t want to be with us anymore, then the feeling is mutual.”

What do you think, does Rampage have a point or is he like Chael said a “crybaby” ?

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  1. G.B.Hamerick

    May 4, 2012 at 11:22 am

    Ra Chael is still talkin big smack about his fight with Silva, well all he is doing is putting fuel on the fire.

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