Chael Sonnen Compares Anderson Silva To Britney Spears


Not long after the UFC announced that Chael Sonnen will get the next shot at Anderson Silva, Sonnen hits the air waves to bash the UFC middleweight champion on the Carmichael Dave show.

“I compare Anderson to Britney Spears. She shaved her head to get headlines. Britney Silva went up to 205, retired, etc. Nobody cares… When my music hits and the doors close, the fight’s on. I’m not going to dance, juke or jive. I will find him… You know what you’re getting with Silva. A guy who pretends he doesn’t speak English, is a fantastic athlete, and acts like a fool. If you like that, go buy his t-shirt with the other two guys who like him. [MMAMania]”

Sonnen brings in some superior wrestling skills, it going to be fun to see how Anderson handles such an aggressive wrestler.