Chael Sonnen UFC 145 Fight Club Q & A (Video)


Chael Sonnen and Mike Goldberg takes the stage in Atlanta for a UFC fight club question and answer.

On the rematch with The Spider: “I will stomp this man for 25 minutes until he gives up.”

On street fighting: “I’m not a streetfighter. I’m a trouble maker. I’d turn my cheek and walk the other way”

On being a martial artist: “I’m not a martial artist; I’m a gangster from West Linn Oregon”

On not having a nickname: “With a name like Chael, you don’t really need a nickname”

On the possibility of fighting Rich Franklin: “Absolutely would fight Rich Franklin. I’ll fight anyone. Drives me insane when guys refuse fights. I would fight Rich for sure.”

On Rowdy Ronda: “I’m a big fan of Ronda Rousey”

A self proclaimed NOT Chael Sonnen fan asks him: “How does Anderson Silva’s crotch smell” then asked why he tapped instead of going to sleep.