Chael Sonnen UFC 145 Fight Club Q & A (Video)


Chael Sonnen and Mike Goldberg takes the stage in Atlanta for a UFC fight club question and answer.

On the rematch with The Spider: “I will stomp this man for 25 minutes until he gives up.”

On street fighting: “I’m not a streetfighter. I’m a trouble maker. I’d turn my cheek and walk the other way”

On being a martial artist: “I’m not a martial artist; I’m a gangster from West Linn Oregon”

On not having a nickname: “With a name like Chael, you don’t really need a nickname”

On the possibility of fighting Rich Franklin: “Absolutely would fight Rich Franklin. I’ll fight anyone. Drives me insane when guys refuse fights. I would fight Rich for sure.”

On Rowdy Ronda: “I’m a big fan of Ronda Rousey”

A self proclaimed NOT Chael Sonnen fan asks him: “How does Anderson Silva’s crotch smell” then asked why he tapped instead of going to sleep.

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  1. G.B.Hamerick

    April 21, 2012 at 7:49 am

    WoW is this guy names chael really a badass or all talk? Chael Chael when will your madness end?. We all know you can hype a fight but are you really trying to hype yourself? Do you really think silva is going to let you do what you did last time? Do you have that fake belt on your mantel? Are you just looking for a big payday? C'mon Chael give us the real deal not all this ranting and raving. My thoughts are you will loose your fight with silva with a BJJ choke, just practice how you will tap out, maybe you can do a 3 finger roll type tapout. Chael you have become a real joke.But maybe thats what you want fans to think.

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