Chuck Liddell “It’s like if you’re a kid and your parents don’t get along”



Chuck Liddell:

“It’s like if you’re a kid and your parents don’t get along,” he said. “They both called me up and talked to me, and they both love me and have my best interests at heart. I love both guys, and I’m not going to take sides. “They’ve never liked each other. But they’ve always kept it quiet out of respect for me. Now that it’s going back and forth, it’s been blown way out of proportion.” [Yahoo]

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell is caught in the middle of his trainer John Hackleman, who want Liddell to make the decision to retire, when the time is right and UFC President Dana White, who has publicly stated that Chuck Liddell will never fight again for the UFC or anyone else.

A soon to be forty Chuck Liddell has been knocked out in three of his last five fights. Is it time for the “Iceman” to hang up the gloves for good? Let us know in our reader poll.