Chuck Liddell: Hawaii Five-O, Promoting Fights and FOX


Chuck Liddell talks with media about life after fighting. Liddell talks about getting to show off his acting chops on the hit series Hawaii Five-O. Chuck will make his appearance on the show sometime this Fall.

“It was fun, getting on Hawaii Five-O, it was a show I used to watch, now it’s a new version of it but it was great working with the stunt guys and all the guys out there on the show, it was fun. I like acting, so I like doing that stuff. I have fun with it and it’s another way to get the sport out there and get it to people who wouldn’t check out a fight. Maybe they will after they see it on a TV show.”

A true fighter at heart, Chuck still wants to mix it up in the cage.

“Look, I still want to fight, I still like fighting but my reasons for retiring have stayed the same and there’s nothing I can do about that. I’m happy promoting the sport and helping to grow the sport I love.”

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