Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell Joins ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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chuck-liddell strippers

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell will join the 15 member cast of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” realty show. The hit reality show is set to debut on Monday nights starting on Sept. 21st at 8pm ET/PT.

“I want to win,” Liddell told “I don’t like losing in anything, so I’ll work as hard as they’ll let me.”

“I’m gonna go out, be myself, and show what kind of people we do have in this sport … I’m sure the reaction will be mixed (among fight fans). My friends are gonna be excited and I’ll never hear the end of it because they’ll make fun of me, but it should be fun and I think everyone will like it … They asked a couple different times, but it would be too much time to take off from training for fights … Now I don’t have any fights coming up and I’m not training, so it’s something to do.”

It is uncertain if Chuck can harness his vast experience at Night Clubs and Strip Joints and transition it to the Cha Cha and Waltz. What ever happens, it sure going to be funny to watch.