Coach Chinzo Machida on Brother Lyoto’s Move to US

Chinzo Machida

Chinzo Machida was totally pleased with his top fighter and brother’s latest performance. He is older brother and coach to former UFC light heavyweight Lyoto Machida. He told that his brother was able to implement their game plan to come out victorious over his fight against Ryan Bader last Saturday at UFC on Fox 4.

He mentions: “Lyoto found the distance and knocked him out.” He trains alongside their father Yoshizo. He adds: “The strategy was to keep the fight standing and try to hit him as much as possible. The way the fight was, only Lyoto was landing shots. Bade wasn’t finding him, but he tried to get close anyway and he ended up taking the backlash.”

Lyoto Machida is just 34 years old and he has made Belem, Brazil his training home for 10 years of his MMA career. But soon he will move to the US where he will continue his training at the Black House gym in Los Angeles, California. His coach approves of his decision and even if they are far apart, he will remain an important part of his brother’s training.

The elder Machida explains: “He will live in the US but two months before his next fight, I’ll be there to be part of the camp, and my father will arrive 15 days before the fight.” He also adds: “It’s much easier for him to find sparring partners and train wrestling there. He’ll have Roger Gracie to help him with jiu – jitsu, which is very important. Lyoto will have better training than her in Belem and he’ll come stronger for his next title shot.”

When Lyoto Machida knocked out Bader at UFC on Fox 4 – Shogun versus Vera last August 4, he is guaranteed a chance to reclaim the 205 pound belt against the winner of the September 1 match between Jon Jones and Dan Henderson. Chinzo does not think about who his brother will face yet in the title match but it seems that the crowd and the fans favor Jon Jones. Jones defeated Lyoto 8 months ago at UFC 140 with a Guillotine Choke at under 5 minutes of the second round. “Jones has reached advantage and is in a good phase.” Chinzo concluded his interview: “We aren’t thinking of opponents right now. Lyoto will be ready for whoever comes.”