Couture Regains Title Once Again

If you thought that you saw the last of Randy Couture, think again. The Natural brought the fight to the Heavyweight Champion Tim Silvia tonight and brought it hard. He brought in the biggest, tallest, and toughest sparring partners to try to figure out how to beat the giant, and it paid off.

Within seconds of the opening rounds Couture showed his dominant game plan…faint, fake, draw Silvia off guard to get in close for an overhead right hand. His first attempt dropped Silvia and was almost good enough to finish the fight. Credit to Silvia, he is not an agressive fighter but he does have heart.

The five round fight was basically Couture executing his gameplan well and escaping Silvias slower punches and submission attempts to win a unanimous 50 – 45 decision from all three judges.

I was afraid Couture was gassed in the third, he lost most of the jump in his step and snap in his punches, but although he lost fifth gear, he just kept in fourth for the rest of the fight. Silvia lost both his stamina and mental toughness in the fourth round, he could not figure out how to effectively get to Couture.

For most of the fans out there it was great to see the good guy win his Heavyweight belt back. And all of those shit talkers got a chance to gloat at the fact that Silvia proved to not be such a dominant Heavyweight. This sets up a possible geat bout between Couture and Cro Cop, a great athelete and wrestler versus a composed heavy hitter.