Randy Couture Wins in a Blood Bath

randy couture

randy couture

Randy Couture secures a referee stoppage win over Gabriel Gonzaga in his first title defense of the UFC heavyweight championship belt. In amazing fashion Couture used his Gregor roman wrestling to dominate the clinch and completely control Gonzaga. Gonzaga was able to land some big blows during the stand up exchanges, but couture adjusted and didn’t allow for another Cro Cop disaster. During a Couture take down, Gonzaga’s nose split open after colliding with Couture’s head. Blood gushed steady for the next two rounds as a tired and defeated Gonzaga tried to hang on. After multiple strikes to Gonzagas severely injured nose, the fight was stopped midway trough the third round.

Amazing, “Captain America” proved that he truly deserves the UFC heavyweight belt.

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  1. crynot

    August 26, 2007 at 1:59 am

    A Beautiful fight. Experience prevails. He knew exactly what he needed to do and he executed his strategy flawlessly. Awesome win… Awesome fight!!!

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