Cox and M-1 Global Split Ways, Fedor’s Officially A Free Agent

fedor a free agent

fedor a free agent

According to former M-1 Global CEO Monty Cox in a recent interview Sherdog,

“The group that formed M-1 Global is still together and we’re going to remain together and put on an MMA event….It won’t be under the name M-1 Global because that is definitely associated with Emelianenko Fedor and the Russians, and we’ve come to an agreement that we’re going to part ways.”

“We have different philosophies….It’s just the way that it is. For me, I’m not as concerned about all the glitz and the glamour of the show; I just want to have good fights and I want to make money. That was my goal.”

“We spent well into six-figures of attorney fees trying to get the contract written, let alone signed….In the end, we could have went ahead and signed the contract and went off with Fedor, but I don’t think we would have been successful.”

“I am looking at June 14 to do our first show in Chicago….This will be a show, well, bigger than I am used to doing, somewhere along the lines of an [EliteXC] show or a WEC with a bigger headliner….It won’t be the UFC…..We don’t have that kind of money to throw away. Now, without Fedor, I expect the show in Chicago to turn a profit.”