Cub Swanson Could Be Really, Really, Really Good: Greg Jackson


June 22 was another working day for Cub Swanson as he scored another big win against Ross Pearson in the second round of their match at UFC on FX4. This fighter has won three of his last four matches and his recent fights have caught the attention of fans and contenders as to whether he is living up to the expectations that he has made in the early part of his career.

But Greg Jackson thinks the other way around. To him, Cub Swanson has the sky to his limit. Jackson was even caught commenting on Cub Swanson in a recent interview saying that his fighter could eventually be “really, really, really good.”

He further added that he has a 100% trust in Swanson. He may not be improved to his potential but he is just starting to improve says Jackson and he is very excited as to where Swanson could go in his career.

Let’s see Swanson’s impressive career so far. In January of this year, he defeated George Roop at UFC on Fox 2. This was actually what audience and fans saw as he defeated Ross Pearson on FX 4. He was not only aggressive on his feet but he also displayed a variety of attacks that was classic in any future champion.

Jackson further mentioned, “He’s here all the time. He also trains in Palm Springs as well with Joel [Diaz] and Antonio [Diaz] all the great guys out there at his boxing gym…They’re really helping out a bunch too. I can’t give those guys enough credit.” He added that Swanson was always trying and keeping on learning as much as he can; any set back cannot faze him and he does not let any loss affect him at all.