Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock In March?

cung le

cung le

Strikeforce superstar Cung Le sets his sights to fight Frank Shamrock on March 29, according to a recent interview with Punch DrunkGamer.

Cung: Yes, as far as I know we will be fighting March 29th. The fight with his brother is slated for next year. Why would they have that fight on a Monday night? I think that our fight will be bigger anyway because it’s not like Ken has had a lot of success lately with his two losses to Tito Ortiz. Fans will watch that fight because of the drama between the two but I believe that our fight will be better.

It has already begun!! This time around I have hired a nanny to help with the kids so that I can concentrate 100% on my fight with Frank. This fight is very important in my career and I cannot afford any distractions.

While Le holds an impressive San Shou record of 17-0 he has only 5 MMA bouts to his name. The 35 year old fighter will have his hands full trying to stop Frank Shamrock from taking this fight to the gournd.

Cung Le’s Movie Career:

I expect the movie to be released later this year and the name is Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter. In the movie I play the son of a rich businessmen who has ties with the Russian mob. As not to spoil the film, the mob sets up my family and I am forced to flee to America as that is the only place that I am able to make money fighting in the underground. David Carradine becomes my protector/manager and the only way for the mob to get to me is to bet against me in the underground fights. The movie is nonstop action and I am sure that my fans will enjoy it.

Another movie that I have been cast for is Tekken. I will be playing the part of Martial Law and I am sure that anybody that has played that videogame will know who that is. I am just waiting for my agent to tell me when we will start filming for this movie